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Monday, February 20, 2006

Support Internet Neutrality

What is Internet neutrality? It is what allows you to find this site or any other and go there with a twitch of your finger. The greatest things about the internet,though probably underused, are the vast amounts of information at our fingertips and the ability it give us all to communicate on a global basis.

Corporations want to change that and, given the trouble that access to all that information gives those in power who want to maintian control of information, the corporations could have their way. Internet providers are attempting to change the laws so that they may be able to charge fees for access to particular sites. The Senate has already had hearings on the issue but the fight is just beginning. Will the internet continue to be an accessible form of communication or will it become an expensive shopping mall where most of us can just afford to sit on the benches? We need to support an Internet Neutrality Bill.


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