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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Treason of Historical Magnitude

It seems that according to a Republican, Curt Weldon, US military intelligence had honed in on Mohammed Attah on 13 seperate occaissions in their investigation of al qaida by 2000 but that attempts to transfer that information ot the FBI were blocked by the Bush administration. Weldon said: "Thirteen times we have hits in the data that's still available, that we were told was destroyed." and that We have information that will be testified to under oath that there were attempts to transfer information to the FBI on at least three occasions, and on all three of those occasions in September of 2000, lawyers within the administration denied those meetings from taking place."

Why would this administration block information that would've prevented apparent attacks against us? It makes no sense if you buy the official story but once you accept the fuller evidence it appears obvious that bringing in Attah would have interfered in the vilest of schemes ever perpetrated against our nation. Without the assistance of al-qaeda's role in providing actors to blame, the entire agenda of this neocon cabal for never-ending war and ever-expanding power would have been derailed.

The neocon agenda being played out leaves us in greater danger than ever. As challenges build against this administration, al-qaeda, may conveniently unleash another attack (with or without neocon assistance) which will only consolidate our nascient dictatorship and finish us off as a democracy for the forseable future.


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