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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Democracy Starts in the Workplace

As our conditions as working people deteriorate in the corporate oligarchy or America I hear much discussion over what is to be done. Suggestions like big marches, national strikes, independent candidates and others are floated but always run into the same walls. We, as working people are held captive by our jobs. Good jobs are hard to gat and we are ever terrorized by the prospect of getting fired for missing work or speaking out. This tyranny of the workplace undermines our ability to act as responsible citiznes and enforces the dictatorship of those we work for. It keeps their interests met and ours ignored. The ultimate reality is that without workplace democracy there is no democracy at all. We need to get the idea of workplace democracy out there so that more of us can work toward that end, thus, the newest shirt from Partisan T-Party, wear it with pride!


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