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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Earth Day Call

Scientists the world over are alarmed at the rate of global warming. They are now saying that, though we are beyond the point of stopping a global catastrophe, we have a few years, not decades but years, to at least curb the worst effects. If we do not make the major changes necessary to do this, the earth will be a very different and inhospitable world in a matter of decades. As Earth Day is being celebrated, I present the following --

For Your Children

When I was a child
the sky was blue
the land was green
there was morning dew.
There were birds in the trees
and honeysuckle air
there were butterflies and
wild animals too.

When I was a child
I'd play out in the sun
without shades or sunblock --
we had so much fun
in the winter it would snow,
snow white as a sheet,
it was still safe to play in
and clean enough to eat.

When I was a child
there were fish in the sea,
there were deer in green woods
oh, how far you could see
when the air was still clean
and you could live off the land
food -- there was plenty
and life was just grand!

Al Markowitz


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