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Thursday, April 06, 2006

More On Immigration

Much of the moronic blather regarding immigration hopes to play on Migraphobia. The issue of immigration is a "wedge issue" emplyed to divert attention from the reality of the failures of the present misadministration on almost all fronts but especially in Iraq. Stirring up xenophobia and nationalism is an old but effective tactic.
The reality is that immigration is purely economic. Both wings of our corproate party have worked long and hard to insure cheap wages south of our border and now it has come to the point that people have no choice but to migrate north to support themselves and their families.
Borders exist to divide working people. Corporations are multinational and the wealthy can live anywhere they choose. We increasingly work for the same folks and the tactic of these corporations and their government stooges of pitting us against each other for the lowest wages and benefits hurts us all. Instead of falling for the immigrant bashing pushed by the corporate media we need to act in solidarity with our fellow workers and demand an international living wage. We need to demand that nothing produced for less than a living wage be sold legally. Only by raising the wages paid across borders to the equivilant of U.S. Wages will the incentive for migration be curbed. A rising standard of living for all makes us all more secure.


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