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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Of Bullies and Mullahs

The real agenda of our central committee toward Iran seems obvious. We know that our own junta has continually tried to rally support for itself by using fear. They know that their threats against Iran will have the same effect there in strengthening the most extreme leadership. We should remember that Iran had been moving toward reform and moderation prior to Cheney/Bush labeling them as part of an "axis of Evil" and Iranians are by and large an educated and not partucularly fanatic people. It is the policy of this misadministration that forces that country toward extremism. That has been true all along. We deposed a democratic regime there in 1953 and foisted a dictarship with the worlds worst human rights record on them for over 20 years. The reaction brought the Mullahs to power.
Cheney/Bush and the neocon cabal want an enemy so they can justify an agenda of aggression and a take-over of the region but attacking Iran is an insane idea with no good outcome possible. Iran, left alone and not threatened will move toward moderation and experts point out that it is years away from having nuclear weapons. Remove the scare tactics and they will most likely not feel the need to have one.


At 12:37 AM, Blogger christopher cunningham said...

the scare tactics are a multipronged strategy by the Bush Crime Family to insure supremacy in 2006 and to hasten armageddon. they also understand that by following thru with a 'tactical' nuke strike on Natanz, which is YEARS away from the "16 days" propaganda being ACTUALITY instead of pure rotting lie, they will fully isolate the US and enable the govt here to pursue an even more extreme agenda of power-mad hegemony and corrupt brutality in the name of god and the most sacred dollar.

At 6:57 AM, Blogger Partisanpoet said...

that may be their desire but I think it will backfire among much or the population which is increasingly alienated by the losses of war and economic difficulties. More importantly, a segment of the ruling class may decide that they are a bad investment and find a safer candidate in the democrat head of the corporate party.


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