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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Stopping the Madness

As if the madness of the Iraq debacle wasn't enough, there is evidence that attacks on Iran are on the Cheney/Bush agenda. Unlike Iraq, Iran is a larger, more organized and much better armed nation. It is likely that the monsterous junta will use nuclear weapons and likely that Iran's neighbor and historically connected ally will retaliate leading to an expanded confagration of unimaginable consequences.

The insane terrorist cabal that has hijacked our nation must be stopped and here's my suggestion. Let's roll!

First -- We must use the “Camp Casey” tactic of camping out surrounding the White House in increasing numbers for as long as it takes demanding resignation and arrests of this administration.

Second -- Building on this we need a national strike in support of those surrounding the White House to shut the country down until these creeps are removed from power.

Should they nuke Iran (and while we’re still alive) we need to take to the streets and STAY THERE shutting the country down.

Meanwhile, alert your misrepresentatives that we will not accept an attack in Iran. Organize to take it to the streets. We must demand not only the resignation of these monsters but their arrests as well.


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