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Monday, April 10, 2006


It is good to see a victory for French workers. Let those cynical people who condemn street actions as a wast of time take note -- in organization and persistence lies our strength.

Another victory for progress is the defeat of Berlosconi and a rebuff of the right in Italy. A large factor in this was the commitment of Prodi, the progressive candidate to withdraw Italian troops from Iraq. This is another blow for the Cheney/Bush junta which is under heavy fire for its role in exposing Valerie Plame as a CIA agent and them lying about it as well as for the lies used to justify the attack on Iraq.

Much pressure is now on them regarding their plans to attack Iran and his credibility in justifying it. I believe the danger of them attacking Iran is somewhat lessened by the exposure but they may outsource that operation to Israel.

We must keep the pressure on them and, united, we too may achieve a victory in stopping their murderous plans and in removing them from power.


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