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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Demanding a Health Care System for All

OK you workin' stiffs, we owe it to ourselves to work for what most of the world already has. the Conyers-Kucinich Single Payer Bill HR 676 needs your support. And if you happen to be a buisness owner who's stumbled in here by mistake -- single payer health care will save you a lot of dough and headaches.

Is this "Socialized Medicine"? No, it is nationalized health insurance. Unlike your HMO, you will get to choose your Dr. who will be self employed and any private hospital as well. Yes, we'll pay for it in taxes but it will cost a lot less then we pay now for crappy half-assed coverage and you'll have it even between jobs!
What are you waiting for, endorse this bill and start pressuring your misrepresentative today.


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