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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Untwisting the Racist/Zionist Propaganda

In my continuing efforts to untwist the racist/Zionist propaganda in our corporate media, I bring your attention to the New York Times article accusing Hamas of breaking its tuce to attack Israel. This article also goes through the trouble of trying to link Hamas to al-queda. There is no linkage whatsoever and many disagreements between these unrelated organizations. Hamas is far less extreme and concerned with establishing a Palestinian state and defending Palestinians against ethnic cleansing. A more reality based article on the situation can be found here.

The truth has always been that Israel does not want "peace" with Palestine. They want the whole of the area "cleansed" of Palestinians. Because peace implies the presence of Palestinians on some of that land,whenever peace seems like a possibility the Israelis will always undermine it. They do this through acts of aggression and assassination sure to inflame Palestinians. The recent events in Gaza are the latest example of this policy. They had to prevent Hamas from signing an accord for conditional recognition of Israel, without which, the demonization of Palestinians and the "unilateral setting of borders" by Israel could continue on track.


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