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Monday, July 31, 2006

Who is Running the show and Why

It is easy for us to blame Israel as an aggressive rogue state for the murderous aggression against Lebanon. It is easy for some to libel the Jews for their blind nationalistic support of Israel (though that support is not unanimous) as well but we must keep in mind who is ultimately in control. Gilles de'Aymery give a clear and realist assessment of the situation. As he points out, this is not simply a Repug/neocon agenda but incorporates the most reactionary interests of the corporate ruling class. They are mostly unified and it will take a real understanding of the issue and unity on the part of the rest of us to change the course of this juggernaut.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Support Those Who Dare Speak Out!

It takes guts to stand up to AIPAC and the Israel lobby. Most of our misrepresentatives in Congress, all but eight, lack the fortitude and integrity to do what is right, and there are risks, as New York's anti war candidate, John Tasini, an opponent of Hillary Clinton is finding out. Still, the fact that he won't back down from his consistent record of being critical of Israeli policy is commendable and he knows how to address the issue. He is the better candidate.

Even as Israel continues attacks on civilian targets in Lebanon and escalates its attacks in Gaza most of the opportunist politicians parrot the Israeli line. It's a travesty and it won't stop without our massive input letting them know that we object and will withold our support for such hypocrisy.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Complicity or Resistance - What is to be Done?

A Muggy day here but peaceful. Neighbors fly flags from their porches and the news pumps up our connection with Israel and the importance of their defense as congress stands nearly unanimous in support of their attack on Lebanon with only 8 standing against. Meanwhile Condoleeza Rice calls the destruction of infrastructure and the murder of Lebanese a new birth, and Bush rushes more Bombs for little Israeli girls to sign before they are dropped on little Lebanese children in the path of Israel's ethnic cleansing land grab.

The US is once again directly complicit in terrorism, ethnic cleansing and mass murder. It continues to create a world of enemies who see the U.S as the greatest threat to global peace and security. As citizens of the most powerful renegade nation in history, we have a duty. Either we revel in the gore and goose-step to destruction or we shut it down -- by any means necessary. It's time for a real war on terror at it's root. It's time for American citizens to take responsibility if it makes our own nation ungovernable. This bloody reign of terror must be brought to an end!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

If He Only Had a Brain!

As if Bush's foul, full mouthed comment to Blair at this weeks G-8 meeting weren't embarrasing enough, there is the image of him thoughtlessy massaging the shoulders of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. At least Cheney should have arranged some classes in basic propriety before sending this stooge to represent our country!

If he only had a brain!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Growing Awareness and Revulsion with Israel

If there is one positive aspect to the aggressive actions of Israel in the last few days, it is that they are opening the eyes of many Americans previously in denial or ignorant of the the insane brutality of that state. There is a growing revulsion with our blind support for Israel and a realization of the cost of that policy to us as a nation. Just as we work to unseat Lieberman for supporting a right-wing aganda, the time has come to defeat those who continue to support Israel or refuse to speak out for fear of reprisal.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Corporate Pain Sharing.

While the world situation decays into bloody chaos, we who have to struggle with these computers have problems of our own. Software problems. I have a gig woking for a company that contracts with Microsoft. That's right, the Jaded Prole works for Satan -- though indirectly and I can tell you that their software sucks even within thier system. But, they seem to be responding with what may be a first in corporate responsibility.

On the Precipice.

The situation in the Middle East continues to expand and I fear that it may be a dynamic beyond stopping if action is not take soon. Our misleadership is part of the problem. We must be the solution. Some folks are getting it, I recieved this in my email today:
"Over the weekend an ad hoc group of Jewish leaders in Los Angeles denounced Israel's collective punishment attacks on civilians and their infrastructure. It is time for Congress to do the same thing, and to back it up with a threat to cut off all military aid and foreign assistance to Israel.

We have no direct influence on Hamas or Hezbollah. But we are currently giving Israel $2.5 billion dollars a year in foreign aid, most of it direct military assistance. It is time for us to stop being apologists for the inexcusable. It it time to demand Israel conduct itself as a civilized nation or we're cutting them off.Congressmust lead where the president will not.

Call your members of Congress NOW at 888-355-3588 or 800-828-0498 and demand action."

This is a positive effort and desrves our support.

On another note, it is difficult in times like these to maintain our sanity, to cling to the best of what makes us human when vengeance and war threaten to tear our world apart. As a publisher I try to find and publish poetry that speaks to our humanity and our better values in a way that inspires. I have recently published a collection of work by the poet and activist, Peggy Sapphire called A Possible Explanation. The poem in this collection have to do with her upbringing as the child of holocaust survivors who were progressive and suffered for it. These are poems both deeply personal and highly political that remind us that there is really no separation between the two. These poems speak out against racism, fascism and sexism. This is the kind of collection that reminds us of who we are and what we are struggling against. This is food for the soul to nourish us even in the scarcity of humanity.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Catastrophe Continues

This date marks the anniversary of al nakba, "the catastrophe" in Palestine. It marks the time in 1948 when the Israelis expelled much of the Palestinian population through violence and terror. Today the catastrophe continues with the ultimate goal clearing out the Palestinian population any way they can -- through outright murder to making life so unbearable that people leave, losing their right to return, even to embattled ghettoes. The links on this page supply the facts in numbers and on the ground.

The Israeli policy of ethnic cleansing and mass punishment, of using food, water and medicine as weapons is a form of genocide and a catastrophe that does irreperable harm to Israel and to Jews through moral attrition and the creation of generations of animosity even as they inflict on Palestinians the brutality that vicitimized Jews for a millenia.

It is also a catastrophe for the U.S which underwrites Israel and supplies it with the tools of detruction and death. Every day the nakba continues is a day creating vengeance and animosity against us.

This is a catastrophe which must end and we have the power to stop it by insisting on a divestment from Israel and a cutting off of U.S. money. We cannot pretend to fight terrorism while underwriting a terrorist state.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Reaction & Reality

This is a good example of dealing properly with the idiotic rehtoric of the right, concering Venezueala. Interesitng that their vile spew never changes except for the name of the percieved enemy. While we need to condemn reactionary governments, we also need to show our support for progressive ones. Buy Citgo gas and while you're at it, buy this t-shirt and show that you aren't buying the corporate vilifications.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

On the Ground in Gaza

I've added a link to From Gaza With Love for real information and to humanize the Palestinian reality for those fed on the pablum of the racist pro-Zionist US media.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Dependence Day

I've posted my thoughts on our independence as a nation and the state of the American Experiment previously so I'll not repeat it. I will point out that we Matriots prefer the idea of Dependence Day. We are loyal to the planet and all of it's interconnected life forms. We recognize the deadly futility of the competitive delusion of independence and the alienating concepts of individualism that arise from it and we condemn the outdated and dangerous ideas of nationalism that give rise to war.

Doesn't mean we don't enjoy a day off for barbequeing with friends and family though. put down the flag and pick up a beer. Here's to all of us -- together.