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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Simpering Dems are Part of the Problem

Despite an unsuprising report from the House Intelligence Committee showing that Bush's invasion of Iraq creates and enflames terrorism making us all less safe and reports datailing the lies and manipulations by which this administration misled the US to invade Iraq, the Democrats continue their opportunistic simpering collaboration in its crimes.

The latest example is their compromising capitulation on legislation that robs US political prisoners and detainees of basic rights guaranteed by the Geneva Conventions. Even worse, this legislation paves the way for this criminal administration to claim immunity and legal protection for war crimes -- a pre-emptive pardon and the Dems are taking the bait. What's missing here is an opposition.

The entire "War on Terror" is a hoax perpetrated at great cost by this administration. Yes, a small and barely significant militia pulled off a great crime on September 11th 2001, (with or without the assistance of this administration) but it was a fluke of history. We could have rounded up the suspects with little difficulty without bombing Afghanistan. They never put adequate effort into capturing bin-Laden who is now suspected of being dead of natural causes. Without our invasion of Iraq, al Qaeda would probably have fallen apart by now. The actions of our neocon junta have strengthened them into a global movement and fed them with reasons for vengeance. Halliburton and the arms industry have made a fortune. The extreme right has used the fear generated to create a police state and push the worst kinds of legislation -- with the complicity of the Democrats who also need to be held accountable. Where does that leave us? We can continue to delude ourselves that some basice difference between the two "partys" -- really the two heads of the same corporate party, will allow us to change course simply by voting in spite of what even repug politicians know but faith based thinking will not save us. We have to demand more. We have to take this country back if it means shutting it down. We have nothing left to lose.


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