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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Combating Media Lies

Jimmy Carter widens the dialogue concerning the Palestine situation. Though his solutions are too limited, Carter is an unimpachable voice that will break down barriers to discussing the real costs of zionism to the US and the middle east.

He Knows if Your Are Sleeping . . .

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Peace Justice & Healthcare, the Time is Now!

Now that Dems are a majority, it's time to put the pressure on them. First of course there's Iraq. It's time to get out. Then it's time to charge this adminsitration with fraud and treason and move them all to a more appropriate federal facility. Following that, it's time to support National Health Care via the Conyers Kucinich Amendment (HR 676).

Monday, November 27, 2006

Progress Marches Forward

Following the lead of Venezueala, Argentina, Bolivia Chile and Nicaragua, progressive econimist Rafael Correa sweeps to victory in Ecuador! Ecuador is also a supplier of oil to the US and that Correa, a socialist ally of Chavez is assuming leadership is another might blow against US corporate hegemony on the anvil of progress.

The scare propaganda of the mid 20th century was "the domino effect" in which states would "fall" like dominoes (with Soviet backing) to communism if we didn't intevene, slaughering thousands and setting up dictators like Pinochet, the Shah of Iran and countless others. The reality is that nations are driven to reject capitalism by the effects of capitalism itself. As the chasm between desperate poverty and extreme wealth grows the only thing capitalism has to offer is violent repression but now Bush's bogging down of our military in Iraq has prevented our ruling class from crushing progress in our southern hemisphere as we have done in the past. Progress is as inevitable as the dying of this unsustainable system.

We US workers are not immune to the same economic pressures and the US economy is a house of cards built on debt and lies. We need to build our own democratic, self-managed instiutions even in the shadow of the juggernaut. Let the dominoes fall where they may and let the ruling class tremble.

Some truths stand the test of time --

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Delusion and Reality

The New Democrats are talking change! Their new leader in the House, Rahm Emmanuel is calling for 20,000 more troops in Iraq and Charles Rangell is proposing a draft to meet the shortfall. More of our Boys to kill and die for this.

Meanwhile, Iraqis overwhelmingly support our withdrawl within the year.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Post Euphoria Reality

While it is gratifying to see the Bush regime fall apart, Israel continues to destroy Gaza and the only Democrat with the principle to speak out seems to be Jimmy Carter only to be condemned for it by opportunist Dems who will continue their uncritical support of Israel. Sane people increasingly are recognizing that the Palestine issue is at the core of all Mid-East anger toward the west and no peace can happen until we stop supporting terrorism by Israel. Meanwhile, Bush and the generals are calling for more of the same in Iraq in a deluded belief that some kind of victory (what ever that can possibly mean after more than half a million needless deaths) is still possible.

Don't be fooled by post election euphoria. Nothing will change without a great deal of pressure from We the People. It's time to turn up the heat!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Making Change a Reality

While many of us in the US revel in the electoral defeat of the right wing and imagine some kind of seismic shift in the direction of our national policies, history does not give us much hope. Rhetoric aside, the Democrats, even in a majority supported the policies of this administration, voted for war in Iraq, and voted in reactionaly judges. It is up to us to confront their hypocrisy and corporate loyalties.

Meanwhile, Palestine bleeds as Israel unleashes all out state terrorism in Gaza and you can bet that most of the newly elected Democrats are just as willing as the Repugs they defeated to give their blind support to Israel.

It is not just the Palestinians who suffer the consequences of this criminal policy of supporting terrorism. The world knows who holds the leash on Israel, who supplies the tanks, bulldozers and bullets, who pays for it all and who calls the shots. Injustice only breeds anger and the desire for vengeance. If these new winds in DC are to be more than hot air, we must see a condemnation and reeling in of Israel. We must see demands for an end to the occupation of Palestine and the recognition of a Palestinian sate. That will go a lot farther in bringing reconciliation and peace in the Middle East than all the empty promises and military escalations we can devise.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Sanity or War Without End?

in a fascinating article form the Nation, Scott Ritter makes The Case for Engagement with Iran. This article shows the lies pushed by the neocon junta and it's embedded media (which share responsibility for crimes against humanity by this administration). This is a great informative piece of real journalism. Read it!
And don't for get to