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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Democrats Cave II

As I pre-emptively reported back in January, Democrats Caved to Bush in funding the occupation of Iraq without any deadlines or benchmarks for troop withdrawl. Of course we can expect an increase in posturing and the rhetoric of opposition as the selection draws near but expect nothing more. One doesn't need a crystal ball to figure this out, it just takes an understanding of class dynamics and the interests at stake.

Only a major change in leadership will end this bloody debacle and I don't see that coming from the Democrats. I would love to see them nominate Kuncinch but he is an anathma to them. We may need an independent candidate to reperesent a sane and honest alternative.


At 5:29 PM, Blogger thedamnliberal said...

Certain Democratic leaders are now about to brand our party as nothing but another group of politicians who make deals that involves quid pro quo.
My fellow soldiers are being sold out!
Do you understand my fellow democratic leaders that you have to distinguish yourselves from the friggin Republicans?
If you cave into this King and his Monarchist, Tory, Party then you will be hurting not only our party but this nation also. I plead with you: Do not cave in!
I and many other progressives and Americans are going to watch who votes in favor of this bill which sacrifices the lives of my fellow soldiers just because you are to afraid or have succumbed to the Quid Pro Quo bones being thrown to you!
You should not be giving bloody John McCain or King Bush and the Military Industrial Complex what it wants!

I read their excuse: This is telling the president that there will be no more blank checks. This, on the contrary, tells the king and his monarchist party that we don't have the balls to tell them no more soldiers are going to die in Iraq and we are not going to fund this f******* war!
Don't give us that bull sh** ! Just tell us what you have already decided to do: Wait for the surge to work so you can say it didn't work and the Democrats in Congress can stave off the Republicans who will say if only those Democrats had just waited five more months for another surge to work but instead they lost the war.
Don't succumb to the fear that they will do this to you because the American people are not stupid! We know that the Republicans are playing politics with the lives of American soldiers, in fact we know that they are sacrificing their lives on the bloody alter of their god they call votes and blood money.
If you vote and finalize this, you are in danger of looking no different than the Monarchist, Tory, Republican Party. They will like the savage dogs they are attack you mercilessly for being the party that condones everything that's going on in Iraq from this point on!
We did not elect you to cave in! We elected you to get my fellow soldiers out of the slaughterhouse and that grand lie, we call: The Occupation of Iraq!
P.S. We will be conducting a fast here in Arizona starting on June 15th, 2007 in front of Democratic Governor Napolitano's office. This is another democratic leader who refuses to advocate for the Withdrawal of her Arizona National Guard soldiers (and my comrades) from Iraq.
Shame on you, Governor Napolitano !
Leonard Clark (The Damn Liberal)
Persian Gulf/ Iraq Occupation III Vet
Chair of the John McCain Recall Committee
phone : 623-423-6300


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