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Saturday, June 23, 2007

What Now for Palestine? End of the Two State Solution

As the situation in Palestine devolves to chaos and civil war, we are left wondering where can it go from here. The complete anhialation of Palestinian aspirations is one possibility as an opportunist faction of Fattah, led by Abbas, seems to sell out to Israel in desperation. As Omar Barghouti points out in his analysis of the present situation, there is an alternative to this scenario. It is a long shot that disparate factions will listen but what real alternative is there?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Michael Moore Does it Again

and he nails it good this time!

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Cold War Redux & Neocon Madness

What's up with Putin? While the US press demonizes him as a paraniod dictaror reviving the cold war, the truth is, as usual quite different.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Plan B

As generals admit that the war is lost in Iraq, the neocons have a deperate plan to save face and turn things around -- bomb Iran!

As Paul Craig Roberts writes, "Even the neoconservative warmongers, who deceived Americans with the promise of a “cakewalk war” that would be over in six weeks, believe that the war is lost. But they have not given up. They have a last desperate plan: Bomb Iran. Vice President Dick Cheney is spear- heading the neocon plan, and Norman Podhoretz is the plan’s leading propagandist with his numerous pleas published in the Wall Street Journal and Commentary to bomb Iran. Podhoretz, like every neoconservative, is a total Islamophobe. Podhoretz has written that Islam must be deracinated and the religion destroyed, a genocide for the Muslim people.

The neocons think that by bombing Iran the US will provoke Iran to arm the Shiite militias in Iraq with armor-piercing rocket propelled grenades and with surface to air missiles and unleash the militias against US troops. These weapons would neutralize US tanks and helicopter gunships and destroy the US military edge, leaving divided and isolated US forces subject to being cut off from supplies and retreat routes. With America on the verge of losing most of its troops in Iraq, the cry would go up to “save the troops” by nuking Iran."

And they will use any excuse, most likely a fake attack by al Qaeda or a provoked defensive action by Iran that the media will call an attack on "our" troops.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

40 Years Later - The Zionist Agenda

On the 40th anniversary of Israel's unesessary war and landgrab, George Bisharat exposes the mirage of a two-state solution for Palestine leaving the obvious single democratic state favored by many Palestinians as the only viable option. Meanwhile, Israel does everything if can to undermine that possibility and prevent democracy in favor of ethnic cleansing including the removal of Palestinan citizens of Israel. As the liquidation of the Gaza Ghetto continues full-swing, we must demand and end to US support for this ongoing crime against humanity.

Friday, June 01, 2007

War Without End.

The pridictable truth is that the US has no plans of leaving Iraq. Not in September, not in '08, not in 2010. They are now proposing a permananet military presence similar to that in South Korea. Supposedly this would be a mutual agreement as if mutual agreements with a puppet regime can be considered legitimate. Even Maliki has expressed a desire for a timetable for US withdrawl but I'm sure he'll adjust his tune. We too must be committed to a permanenent struggle against against imperialism.