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Friday, September 28, 2007

Getting to the Nitty Gritty of Empire

I am quoting a post here from a thread on Common Dreams regarding the basis for US aggression in the middle east because I think the author gets to the nitty-gritty in describing the desperate logic of trying to save and extend a dying Empire in the worst way. "iyamwutiam" states: "This is NOT about oil. It IS about maintaining the illusion that the US dollar has value or will continue to have value IMHO. I think despite the so-called surpluses during the Clinton years and the vague re-assurance that it was possible to pay off the US’s debt - the fact was and is - that with it’s ever expanding bases and attendant financial obligations as well as many other associated cost’s- subsidizing instruments of hegemony like the IMF, World Bank, UN, a continual stream of billions of dollars to corrupt puppets oppressing their people (like Columbia, Panama, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Burma) as well as sponsoring a host of ‘velvet revolutions’ like Ukraine, Georgia, Lebanon etc - as well as the incessant pork and earmarks that are done domestically - a number of practical people got together and realized that the illusion of wealth was dissipating and that brute force and militarism must be applied to prevent a child of freedom from blurting out “the Emperor has no clothes”.

These people dub them what you will - Neocons, bankers, Illuminati, concerned leaders such as Clinton, Bush, Trent Lott, Lieberman etc realized that the lynch pin of dollar hegemony is oil and regardless of the given ‘reason’ the very existence of the US (not unlike the Soviet Union) depended on two very important things.

1. A show of a very strong and ruthless military to give pause to any nation who may actually want to cash in those treasuries in any sizable and amount and re-invest it anywhere.
2. A desperate and concerted approach to gain a complete monopoly of oil - so as to sustain the need for central banks and nations to keep dollar reserves.

The situation has become even MORE dire - however - both industry and government are emboldened. It is NOT an accident - that unlike the first Gulf war where oil plummeted - this one is causing the price of oil to surely hit $100 a barrel - so as to remove all this excess US dollar reserves and thereby depreciate US debt and most importantly increase the need of dollar reserves.

Those few who planned this outcome are truly happy and will be rewarded as they have truly saved the US from a calamity of finance that DID occur to the Soviet Union. If the control of the world’s oil CAN also include IRAN - there is NO doubt that the US can till at least another 100 years continue to build up debt into the tens of trillions and not worry about any creditor uttering a single word.

One does not and should not care for world opinion when one is looking into the abyss of a possible and tangible deconstruction of the economy on an unprecedented level. This maneuver and subsequent ones - have nothing at all to do with oil per se - and much more to do with maintaining dolar hegemony - for with out dollar hegemony the US would collapse.

It is amply documented that Iraq (Saddam) moved to the Euro for oil sales in 200 - preparing the way for the invasion of his country. If Iraq/IRAN/Venezuela/Russia?Indonesia and others actually moved to the Euro/Yen/Yuan/ standard in oil - the impact would be like the mass of the empire state building falling into your bathtub. Overnite more than 50 percent of all dollar reserves in the world (which blessedly- never see the shores of the US) would be rendered useless. The bank/countries would then seek to send these billions upon billions BACK to the US - and the next thing you know - it would cost a million bux for a small starbux coffee.

Thankfully - the price of a few million dead to extend the US life as an empire will be extended and it may by then be able to peg the US dollar to Uranium - therefore again extending its life. We can see this as a FACT since - not only can the US pentagon lose a trillion or so dollars (yawn) but central banks on a whim can inject 400 billion dollars into the banking system overnite AND cut interest rates AND have the stock market back up to 14000!! What a country - what a world !!

It has learned a great deal from England - and how England could no longer afford to house troops and cantonments globally - just as Rome had the same problem draining the exchequer.

However - thanks to dollar hegemony the US need never have to worry about this problem. Since it is the reserve currency of the world and can print an infinite amount of dollars at will - which at least 3/4ths of which will never see the shores of the US - the US can flood the world with currency while still maintaining low inflation at home. In addition- it need not have any fiscal discipline since it has attained something no empire in the world ever did - which is to print money at will as long as the key resources of the world are traded in it."

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Supporting Cindy and Our Movement

In an earlier posting I voiced the urgent need for us to unite behind an alternative party and candidacy. A good start is the campaign of Cindy Sheehan for Congress. I have personally seen 100,000 of us committed enough to go to DC for a protest which arguably achieved nothing. If that many of us sent a measly $20.00 to the Sheehan campaign, she would have the money to run a first rate campaign and could very well win. That would shake the corporatocracy and would also be vital in letting us know that progressive independents can win power if we unite in struggle. Even a poor stiff like me can get off of a Twenty so DONATE NOW and let the Dims know we mean business.

While you're at it, check out our bumper stickers. I'm always open to suggestions and by buying a sticker, you help support the publication of the Blue Collar Review and Partisan Press. This is a working class operation and much of it comes out of my shallow pockets but it as an important tool in expanding progressive consciousness and creating a progressive culture. While throwing money at things does not replace actual activism it is vital that we support ourselves as a class if we are ever to make real progress toward a sustainable working class democracy.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

What's Really Disgusting

Is not the twisting of a sycophant general's name by a liberal organization (which by the way has received over $50,000 in support as a public response to Bush's condemnation). What's disgusting is what we've done to a country that was never a threat to us. I am both glad and saddened to read the latest posting on Baghdad Burning in that Riverbend is still alive and has managed to make it our of the hell the our nation has turned hers into.

What's even more disgusting is that the criminals that have wrought pre-meditated death to hundreds of thousands of people are still in leadership positions in this country rather than languishing in its penitentiaries for their crimes. That makes the entire US a criminal state and we will remain criminals (every one of us) until justice is served -- as best it can be for crimes of such unspeakable magnitude.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pro Choice?

Take the Candidate Choice Test, it's issue based to match you up with the right candidate for your beleifs. So far the most popular candidate turns out to be Mike Gravel!

Of course, the reality is htye won't run Gravel and that we don't have a choice, at least via either head of the One Corporate Party. We don't have a choice unless we abandon the shell game and organize a real alternative. What do I mean? I think a "Save Our Society" convention needs to be called with input allowable via the internet to make it as open as possible. We need to write down and stick to a progressive agenda and name candidates to run for President and VP for among the most recognizable and trustworthy leaders of our progressive movement, and we need to unite behind this new SOS party. What if we don't win? I beleive we will win but even if we don't, we will achieve much in showing that we are a force that can't be taken for granted and must be reckoned with. We should also follow up with state by state efforts and really build an alternative that will struggle effectively for working class democracy against the corporated dictatorship. I think America is ready and let's face it, time is running out.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Spectre is Haunting the Empire

I and many others have long known that the economy on which US power rests is a house of cards built on lies and debt. A Spectre is haunting the empire as the first wave of panic hits in England and should be hitting us momentarily. As the subprime mortgage crisis of overextension collapses it may very well take the rest of this scam-based monstrosity down with it. What impact this has on the neocon war machine remains to be seen but if the economy falls hard enough on a population already angry and reeling from right-wing extremism, it will no doubt further radicalize many and feed the movement for working class democracy. No radical break happens as long as a system works -- even if it works badly. If the bottom drops out and money is suddenly worthless, a nation of slaves can become a nation of revolutionaries. We need to have things in place for people to find support and guidance. We may face barbarism, martial law and outright fascism but it could also be the birth pangs of a new and better world.

Monday, September 17, 2007

More Threats From New Neocon Lapdog

As threats escalate against Iran, it appears that French President Sarkozy may be the new Tony Blair. Though there is nothing illegal or inherently threatening about a country developing nuclear power (ecology aside), Sarkozy has hitched himself to the neocon juggernaut in threatening war against Iran in spite of the IAEA report stating that Iran's program was indeed not weapons oriented or capable.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Place Your Bets

More on the cost and likelihood (or unlikelihood) of the neocon thugs actually attacking Iran here. Personally I think they'll keep it low intensity while keeping the demonization level high to stoke fear. As criminally insane and delusional as they are, they are still aware that the probable results will cost them the last vestiges of empire and crash the US economy for decades to come. On the other hand, everything is going badly for them and their plans are in ruins. A cornered animal can be suicidally aggressive and a ruined economy could prevent the kind of domestic agenda they fear with a repug loss and historically, it is fertile soil for a fascist resurgence.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Give 'Em Hell!

Speaking of "Telling it Right," Stan Goff isn't the only one that does so. We have a new addition to our T-shirt site becuse we like Mike Gravel. He has the audacity to call it the way he sees it and even though we know the DNC hates his guts, his presence at the debates throws the cold water of reality on what would otherwise be the same old delusional crap so buy this shirt and let 'em know, we like Mike.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Telling it Right.

Once again, Stan Goff hits the nail squarely on the head regarding the state of the Empire. He also gets it about Iran,and the re-alignment of power in the Mid-East and the world.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Getting Real About Ending the Occupation

September means another planned march in DC and while not a bad thing, those of us who have done this for decades have to ask, "What's the use?" at the risk of sounding defeatist. Here's a good article proposing that we take more effective action.