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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Why the Annapolis Peace Talks are a Joke

The Prerequisites set by Israel and accepted by the US define the limits of the so-called peace talks to the bantustanization of Palestine and the permanace of an ethnic state. The demand that Palestinians not only recognize Israel (again) but recognize its legitimacy as a specifically Jewish state means a recognition and acceptance of apartheid and by implication, second class citizenship for Palestinian citizens of Israel. Once again, the unacceptible demands of their "generous offer" will be presented as Palestinian intransegence but the reality on the ground is just the reverse.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Looking Backwards

As the year draws to a close it is a good time to assess what has been wrought and where we find ourselves as a society.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine

A contextual History if Palestinian dispossession and genocide by by Dr. Ilan Pappe. The situation on the ground in Gaza is particularly illustrative of the genocidal nightmare which the Palestinians suffer.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

DuBois on Capitalism, Racism and the Struggle

In Her article, Another Look at W.E.B. DuBois, Heather Gray quotes W.E.B. Dubois:

"Work is service not gain. The object of work is life not income. The reward of production is plenty, not private property. We should measure the prosperity of the nation not by the number of millionaires, but by the absence of poverty; the prevalence of health; the efficiency of the public schools; and the number of people who can, do read worthwhile books.

Toward all this we do strive but instead of marching breast forward, we stagger and wander thinking that food is raised not to eat but to sell at good profit; houses are not to shelter the masses but to make real estate agents rich; and solemnly declaring that without private profit there can be no food or homes. All of this is ridiculous. It has been disproven centuries ago.

The greatest thinkers of every age have inveighed against concentration of wealth in the hands of the few and against the poverty, and disease and ignorance in the masses of men.

We have tried every method of reform. A favorite effort has been force ­ by war. But the loot stolen by murder went to the generals and not to the soldiers. We tried through religion to lead men to sacrifice and right treatment of their fellow men, but the priests too often stole the fruits of sacrifice and concealed the truth.

In the 17th century, of our modern European era we sought leadership in science and dreamed that justice might rule through natural law but we misinterpreted that law to mean that most men were slaves and white Europeans were the right masters of the world.

In the 18th century, we turned toward the ballot in the hands of the worker to force a just division of the fruits of labor among the toilers. But the capitalists, happening on black slavery and land monopoly and on private monopoly of capital, forced the modern worker into a new slavery which built a new civilization of the world with colored slaves at the bottom, with white serfs between, and the power still in the hands of the rich.

But one consideration halted this plan. The serfs and even the slaves had begun to learn to think. Some bits of education had stimulated them and some of the real scientists of the world began to use their knowledge for the masses and not solely for the ruling classes. It became more and more a matter of straight thinking.

What is work? It was what all must contribute to the common good. No man has a right to be idle. It is the bounden duty of each to contribute his best to the well bring of all, of what men gain by the efforts of all have a right to share, not to the extent of all that they may want, but certainly to the extent of what they really need.

You must let the world know that this is your simple and unwavering program: the abolition of poverty, disease and ignorance the world over among women and men of all races, religions and color; to accomplish this by just control of concentrated wealth, and overthrow of monopoly to ensure that income depends on work and not on privilege or change; that freedom is the heritage of man, and that by freedom we do not mean freedom from the laws of nature, but freedom to think and believe and express our thoughts and dream our dreams and to maintain our rights against secret police, witchhunters or any other sort of a modern fool or tyrant.

The four freedoms come not by slavery to corporations and monopoly of the press, cinema, radio and television but by united social effort for the common good so that decently fed, healthy and intelligent people can be sure of work, not afraid of growing old and hold high their heads to think and say what they damn please without fear of liars, informers or sneaking FBI."

Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Soldier Speaks of Betrayal

With all the hoopla about veterans day, we have been once again inundated with the worship of soldiers devoid of real context. Most of our soldiers know the truth and a few are willing to write about it.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cutting to the Chase

Cutting through the propaganda of the ruling class media is a duty of utmost importance. Here is a fact list on Iran that cuts through the neocon lies.

While Dims will likely dance to the tune the neocons play and later say "we were misled," Kucinich stands firm against a war crime in progress.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

On the Table!

Cheney Impeachment? Against all odds and attempts to kill it by opportunistic Dims, it could happen. If it does, it will begin a domino effect that will takedown the neocons and those who aided and abetted their crimes. Let it not be forgotten that the only politician with the guts and fortitude to represent the People's interest is Dennis Kucinich.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Hard Times Comin'

Expect Christmas to be pushed harder than usual. The economy is in the pits as the dollar tanks and all the photo-ops of shills voicing "confidence" aren't going to save it. US capitalism, long in decay, is collapsing and the paper tiger of American Empire will crumble as well. What does this mean for us, the regular working stiffs? Hard times. Our hard earned pittance buys less and less. Expect the landlords and creditors to get vicious as they try to maintain their parasitic lifestyles. We are already well on the road to fascism here and the fascist state may well be fully unleashed to keep order as things deteriorate. People out of work with rents overdue and hungry bellies can be unruly and Blackwater thugs will not be unemployed.

The good news is that out of such collapse come organized communities and the possibility of building a more sustainable, publicly owned and managed infrastructure. The only things that can save us from utter barbarism and fascism in the wake of a collapsed system are our unified resistance and mutual defense against fascist tyranny and the building of a hands-on, grassroots working class democracy. That takes class solidarity. We have met the solution and it is us -- united for each other.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Zionism, the Real Enemy of Jews

A good letter to Condoleeza Rice Holding Zionism to Account for bad policy which harms the US, the Middle East, and Jews worldwide. Zionism is empowered by the US (and not vice-versa) for the most nefarious of reasons but the blowback makes it a disasterous policy. Zionism itself is far more dangerous to Jews for the anti-semitism it creates for the illusion of security.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Voting While Ignorant -- An American Plague

It's that day again. The first Tuesday in November is traditionally the day when most Americans engage mass self injury. One of the greatest problems in this country is the tendency toward Voting While Ignroant. This is far more dangerous than driving while drunk or juggling loaded firearms. Pulling that lever under the influence of uneducated gut feelings can cause not only serious injury to ones own interests but can have deadly consequences for millions.

This doesn't seem to matter for National Elections in the US as they are rigged and predetermined by our corporate ruling class. Local elections, however are still, for the most part, a loaded gun in the hands of the unducated and often misled masses, many who suffer from wrong class perspective and other delusionary thought disrders influenced by nationalism, religious obscurantism, bigotry and hypertestosterone poisoning. So beware citizens! Educate yourself on the issues before you step into that booth and make sure you are aware of your class interests so you don't fall for those trick sound bytes meant to fool you. One way to prepare is to subscribe to progresive papers like the People's Weekly World.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Root of the Problem

The inevitable goals and direction of the Free Market system and its effect on US actions are described in the thoughtful article It carries the logic of the market to it's conclusion omitting the one and only thing (ecological collapse aside) that can stop it -- Class Struggle.

What the modern article describes, and for that matter, much of what we face today was described as far back as 1848. Many well meaning activists need to overcome the prejudices implanted in their psyches by the corporate ruling class and read this for perspective and a better understanding of the nature of the system which threatens our freedom, the future of civilization, and life on earth.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Selections as as Political Narcotic

What if they held another sham election and nobody showed? would it really even make a difference? It seems the selection process is increasingly pre-scripted or maybe in their contempt of the public, the ruling class isn't bothering to cover the pretense as well. No matter what happens, it looks like the swine have chosen Clinton vs Giuliani for their next show horse race and locked anyone else out. Increasingly the whole process is has come to serve as a Narcotic to created the illusion of consent. If that is how it is going to run, rather that arguing over the "lesser of evils" why don't we opt out in mass by casting blank ballots, it's not like the vote-counting isn't rigged anyway. My guess is that whoever the pre-scripted "winner" is, it'll be a "mandate" even if 10% or less of the electorate show. The difference is, we will know beyond doubt that it is illegitimate.