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Monday, January 28, 2008

Letter to Candidates on What Must be Done.

For whatever good it will do, I sent the following message to the Obama campaign:

I really want to stress that the MOST IMPORTANT issue facing us as a nation and as a civilization is the environmental crisis. "80% reduction of emissions by 2050" is too little too late. At that rate the international scientific communities statistics and analysis show that the US may not even exist by 2075, period. The impact of imminent major environmental change will all but destroy economies and the ability of large populations to even survive. Seriously, this is the most important issue our species has ever faced, Compared to the massive extinctions happening now and the global changes being observed, terrorism is a minor annoyance.

The next president needs to make this a primary focus. This will take the kind of effort that united us as a people in WWII. We must RETOOL AMERICA. What does that mean? It means building a publicly run, sustainable non-petroleum national energy grid. Believe me, it's not as difficult as it sounds. We flush enough energy to power this nation every day. Between sewerage-based methane and Alcohol made from grasses and wood we can power our nation. We must also rebuild infrastructure in a new way that includes a national rail system (electric) and the kind of building that frees up land for agriculture. All of this will also create jobs and stabilize the economy.

Failure to do this means that, for all intents and purposes, anything else the next administration does is totally irrelevant. Thank you for your time and I hope for all of our sakes you take this to heart.

This or something similar needs to be sent to all Presidential candidates.

Friday, January 25, 2008

The End of Privacy

The poet, Adrienne Rich once said, "Everything you write will be used against you." We might now add, everything you read, look for, put into a search engine or email. The revamped Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) reform bill written and pushed by Cheney will allow for the monitoring of everything that transpires on the internet including email and will be retroactive to cover the illegal domestic spying of ISPs and this administration that has been going on for years.

The new "smoking gun" scare tactic is a so-called terrorist threat to our banking system via the internet that would require the constant monitoring all every online click by the NSA. If that isn't bullshit enough it might be noted that the constant monitoring of Mohamed Atta and others didn't prevent them from carrying out their attack on the WTC. Protection from such cyber-terrorism can be prevented with security software more efficiently than by a program of massive secret police surveillance.

So, be careful what you say online. Be careful what you buy and what you look at. Watch what you Google from home. Big Brother is keeping tabs.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Blackwater Trial Update

So much for the judge's optimistic prediction that the Blackwater 7 jury trial could be wrapped up in "a couple of hours" on Weds.--it consumed another full day. Three members from the all-white jury were struck early on as they had some tie to Blackwater or were deemed to be unable to be objective--for example, one was engaged to a member of Blackwater.

Amy Goodman, of Democracy Now! interviewed one of the defendants, Mary Grace, by phone. She was arrested as she knelt and prayed just inside the front gate area of Blackwater property during the non-violent action Oct. 20.

It was recently reported in the New York Times that Blackwater immediately repaired and painted all vehicles involved before a full investigation could be made. 17 unarmed civilians were killed in a busy urban area but due to Paul Bremer's 2004 contractor immunity provision, Blackwater remains free from accountability to this day. There are over 200 known incidents of death or damage to civilians by Blackwater. Again, known.

The Blackwater 7 cited international/humanitarian law in their defense as they pleaded "not guilty" on all counts and on behalf of all people who have been harmed by Blackwater's actions worldwide.

One charge of "damage to real property" was dismissed.

The other two charges of "resisting arrest" and "trespassing" have stood.

The You Tube video clearly shows no physical resistance of arrest by any of the defendants beyond the classic civil disobedience tactic of "going limp."
Is one expected to receive arrest with open arms??? No one struggled or attempted to get away when arrested; all defendants remained peaceful and respectful towards the arresting officers. One Currituck County officer admitted in court on a previous day he was at no time threatened by them.

As far as "trespassing," how is it that a private company solely funded by public funds (the State Dept. being its biggest client), is considered to be above the law??? Blackwater has distinct privileges not afforded US military service members.

The Blackwater 7 will receive sentencing, today, Weds., Jan. 24. Please send "good karma" their way.

Addendum: Four former Blackwater security guards were finally convicted Wednesday in the 2007 shootings of more than 30 Iraqis in Baghdad. I am glad for this verdict. Our government should not be using hired thugs to terrorize people around the world. They only do it for plausible dependability. The big perps like Bush, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Cheney and other leading CIA neocons will probably never see the inside of a courtroom, much less a prison cell but there are tens of thousands of their victims who should have justice. Instead, the horror of their continuing crimes continue as they return to Iraq and move into Syria.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Who's Next?

I've been remiss in posting recently as family issues have kept me away. I note with sadness and anger the destruction and disposal of Jose Padilla, an American citizen declared an "enemy combatant" by presidential decree sans evidence and tortured for over a year based on a lie. Now that the original charge has been dropped he has been sentenced to another 17 years though his mind is all but destroyed. Who's next? I haven't heard the outcome but a brave bunch or fellow activists have been in front of a very angry judge and prosecutor again today for their demonstration at Blackwater headquarters (see below posting). Law is based on precedent and the whim of judges, most of whom have been appointed by a fascist cabal passing themselves off as "conservatives." Recently, torture has become more legally acceptable and resistance to it less so. On this MLK day we should be aware that he would more than likely be declared a terrorist and subject to the kind of barbaric treatment this country specializes in were he alive and active today. We must not give in to fear because as Germans learned the hard way, ignoring what happens to others and trying to play it safe doesn't work. Only unity and massive resistance to fascist tyranny can defeat it. They can't Padilla all of us!

Monday, January 07, 2008

The Honest Man

A good interview with the most authentic and honest candidate in the selection process. The reality that Kucinich is being shut out by the corporatocracy should, if anything, strengthen our support for him. We cannot let those who represent the antithesis of our interests define who is "electable" for us. If indeed an honest man is unelectable than the system is so broken in must be replaced.