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Saturday, September 07, 2013

We Have Met the Enemy and it is the CIA

The latest war threats aimed at Syria are part of a long standing plan. This is another CIA operation continuing the neocon
project for a "new American century." Wesley Clark exposed the necon CIA coup a few years ago:

Obama continues as the latest CIA president. The corporate/CIA dictatorship of the US, orchestrated over decades and beginning with the Kennedy assassination is the greatest threat to world safety. From it's inception and marriage to fascism under John Foster Dulles, the CIA has continued the nightmare of brutality fascism, the extreme and inevitable version of capitalism, engenders. Since the election of Reagan, (really a front man for George H.W.Bush) the CIA has occupied the White House and overseen the growth of the largest and most intrusive national security state in history.

At a moment when the future of civilization much less most life on earth hangs in the balance the madness of endless war and the global domination of the 1% must end. Only the mass of humanity can stop it.

We must demand a military stand down and withdrawal of forces from the middle east. We must demane that the CIA be Abolished, and the NSA dismantled. We must demand an independent council to root out participants in the supra-govenmental CIA cabal. We must bring Obama to trial for his overreach of power including his use of the Joint Forces Security Command as his personal global hit squad and for his policy of drone terrorism.