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Friday, October 18, 2013

Beyond the Banal Paradigm of Economic Growth

This video in not about an abstract theoretical future

The oceans, as reported in the State of the Ocean report are warming as well as losing oxygen and acidifying with grave implications for all life on earth.

I am not pointing this out to say that we all need to recycle or ride our bicycles more. Though those are good ideas, they are irrelevant in the context of shale oil, methane mining, or coal burning. We are in fact at the biggest "tipping point" in the history of our species and only one thing stands in the way of our future existence. We have the knowledge and the technology to save our world. The only obstacle to life is capitalism, that outdated system of mindless greed.

In the US, the climate denial machine, funded by fossil fuel industry fronts like the Heartland Institute, Donors Trust, and the Koch brothers goes all out to spread misinformation and threaten opportunistic corporate politicians. You can bet, President Obama will OK the XL pipeline in his "negotiations" with the extreme right for some paltry meaningless political point.

The point that needs to be made here is that beyond the economic disparity, extreme poverty and misery caused by capitalism; beyond the class struggle, this system is a direct threat to our survival and a garantuer of our imminent demise. We must end it or it will end us. That is our common ground and certainly worth uniting over beyond any other differences.

Workers of the World Unite! We have nothing but a World to Lose and a Future to Secure!