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Thursday, December 29, 2005

A Changing Course

It's been a lousy year. Thousands murdered in an illegal and unnesessary war by an incompetant and illegitimate fascist cabal. Our country is less safe and more hated than ever because of a leadership that wants to "stay the course." The course of imperial intimidation and interferance in other countries, the course of wiping our feet on international law, the course of torture and deathsquads to promote a vile and self serving corporate agenda, the course of creating a corporate dictatorship in the U.S. No wonder others hate us.

Still, there is hope. This year, things began to come to a head as Cindy Sheehan awoke the sleeping giant of a sane America. Even the complicit embedded corporate media are beginning to report the criminal abuses of the Bush administration in spying and lying on and to the American people. It's time for a change and 2006 bears the promise of being a better year -- it can't be much worse!

I'm still unslaved but there are possibilites for a local gig. Meanwhile, new T-shirt designs are available and as ever, I'm open to suggestions.


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