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Friday, December 16, 2005

Take This Job & Shove it

The Prole walked. I quit a lousy job at Office Max yesterday. I have hated the job for some time -- not the work, but the job. I was running copiers and doing digital production, bindery . . . but the work environment is horrible. Bad as it was, their attitude toward workers was even worse. The insistance that workers are plugged into the hive via radio earsets like the Borg, the constantly being treated like an imbicile or a child and the blatant inconsideration of the scheduling. At any time you might be informed that your shift has been extended an hour. You can't leave without permission even if your shift is over . . .

The final event that snapped my frayed yoyo string was that not only had my schedule been screwed up so that I didn't get two consecutive days off but then, in the middle of the day, without so much as a mention, much less asking if it would be OK, my strawboss put me on the next day (which I had off and which would have made a 6 day week). I blew -- but not right then. Since he hadn't mentioned it, I just ignored the change. Actually, I had an interview for another gig in the morning and was planning to milk a few more days out of this hellhole but, now I was done.

I waited for the inevitable call asking me why I wasn't there the next morning. Feigning ignorance I said my schedule showed me off. The jerk strawboss first admits he changed it but I wasn't coming in. He then starts backing down saying it was a "glitch" and he meant to have me off on Friday. I told him I couldn't make it as I had other obligations (which was true) and that as long as the schedul was constantly changing, he could change it again and take my ass off of it.

He didn't get it at first and called back to clarify threatening that if he took me off for the week, he was taking me off for good. That's OK, I said, and hung up on the bastards.

The first page of the Office Max employee handbook clearly states that they are an "at will" company. That means you are shit and can be dumped at any time without notice or reason. "At will" works both ways.

So as long as the Prole is between gigs, there has never been a better time to buy a t-shirt!


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