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Monday, January 02, 2006

More Lies

Reading the latest in the paper, I see that Bush now says his wiretapping is limited only to calls received from other countries. Previously it was admited that all international calls as well as emails have been monitored. The government has also admitted spying on domestice groups including PETA, the Catholic Workers and the Quakers. In an inadequate defense of thier constantly changing admissions, the Bush cabal uses the excuse that our state of war justifes unlimited powers" to do whatever they feel is necessarry for the defense of the country. Nevermind that the state of war is a sham based on lies.

It's true that there are groups that seek to do violence against us such as the al queda network and lately I've read pundits on the right condemning peace and human rights advocates of being less than realistic in defense of "democracy." but "staying the course," of torturing, of bombing, of occupation . . . is what got us here. There is no way out of a cycle of escalating violence and counterviolence perpetrated by the Bush regime.

Or is there? One might ask, what is the motivation behind those that wish us harm and that organize attacks against us. What could motivate people to sacrifice their lives in acts of violence against us? What have we done to anger people to that point? and what can we do differently?

We can deny them an enemy. Whatever one might think of Gorbachev, he ended a decades old cold war by denying us an enemy. If we changed our blind support of Israel insisting that they dismantle settlements in the West Bank and negotiate a fair deal with Palestine (for continuation of our economic underwriting), if we ceased to interfere in the internal affairs of middle eastern regimes and stopped backing the Saudi regime, if we closed our gulags and opted instead to follow international law, we might find that animosity against us would deminish greatly. We might find ourselves much more popular and secure. Sure there are many whose relatives we've slaughtered. They deserve lifetime compensation and we must pay for what we've destroyed. Still, the price would be less that continuation of our present course.

The time has come for a New Course but, of course it won't happen under our present misleadership. It's time for our own Regime Change

In the mean time, when bush speaks,

I've added this design as a new T-Shirt so we can remind each other to keep anything the chimp says in its proper perspective.


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