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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Reclaiming the Franchise

After 2 stolen elections we must acknowledge that we have lost the franchise. There is no use pretending to vote and I've considered calling for a popular boycott of national elections until the situation is remedied with a verifiable paper ballot. After all, pretending to vote only legitimizes the fraud while a massive boycott would deny the pretense of legitimacy to the outcome. However, it seems there may be a slight hope for remedying the problem caused by rigged electronic voting.

Congressman Rush Holt has re-introduced a bill, the Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act (H.R. 550) and has an online petition. This bill would:

Mandate a voter-verified paper ballot for every vote cast in every federal election, nationwide; because the voter verified paper record is the only one verified by the voters themselves, rather than by the machines, it will serve as the vote of record in any case of inconsistency with electronic records;

Protect the accessibility requirements of the Help America Vote Act for voters with disabilities;

Require random, unannounced, hand-count audits of actual election results in every state, and in each county, for every Federal election;

Prohibit the use of undisclosed software and wireless and concealed communications devices and internet connections in voting machines;

Provide Federal funding to pay for implementation of voter-verified paper balloting;

Of course we still need a ban on private funding of elections and public funding of any candidate showing reasonable support with no limit on the number or party but any progress is vital and without verifiable tracking of ballots its a moot point.
Sign the petition and call your misrepresentative about this. Short of this I say we sit the sham out.


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